Decoration Management

Decoration management in this age of globalization is witnessing a series of changes under cross-culture tradition. However, the crews at Sampoorna Solutions provide a range of services of decoration management which are the blend of traditional approach as well as a modern approach, encompassing new ideas and processes that mesmerized the imagination of the viewers.

Our decoration management is meant for both the interior and exterior management required in the office, house, functions, events, exhibitions, corporate functions etc. Keeping the Indian ethos in the mind, our decoration services are mainly based in the vastu shastra to which we give the maximum value especially for the interior decoration and office decoration as a sign of positivism.

The decoration management at the time of wedding functions is more popular among the clients, mainly because of the professionals of Sampoorna Solution who understand the wedding styles, customs, traditions, rituals and rites of the community for which the wedding decoration is asked for. However, as wedding organizer, we take A to Z responsibilities budget planning , fixing venues, theme decoration, catering, floral and lighting decoration, mandap and stage decoration, photography, video, wedding cake, priest etc.