Event Management

Sampoorna Solutions is a Leading Event Management Company in India. We help you in organizing your different events at affordable prices. We plan your events base on the purpose of events like festival, ceremony, personal or corporate party or convention. Our Event Management services include a complete process of budgeting, event dates, selecting and reserving the event venue, coordinating transportation and parking, developing a theme motive for the event, arrangement of speakers, decoration of site, catering services, event support and security. We, along with our expert team sit down and make decision for the betterment of our clients and try to provide an excellent service according to the customer's demands.

There is no doubt about the number of companies organizing events on a daily basis but at Sampoorna Solutions our event planners not only plans and executes the events but also take personal care in brand building ,marketing and communication strategy there by ,giving our customers an extra feeling that someone is looking after their matter seriously not only in terms of professional level but also personally and at the same time we are expert in creative, technical and logistical fields as well which acts as an add-on in the smooth running of the events. Hence making Sampoorna Solutions a brand name in hosting successful and well achieved events and of course leaving a mark of success amongst competitors.

Our major and foremost goal is and forever will be fulfill our client's wishes however apart from that our event management team at the same time also tries to maintain an emotional tie between individuals or team or client and company whoever is involved in it so that the outcome is truly satisfying because at the end what matters more is customers happiness, giving us a thumbs-up for our good work!

Event Management Services

Keeping in mind the purpose and objective of the event, we have broadly divided the events into the following categories for the convenience of the clients:

Leisure Events

Under this category, we organize stage shows; music shows ghazal shows, live concerts, dance shows, star nights, mimicry shows, leisure sports and other recreational and entertainment activities.

Culture Events

Our popular culture events include ceremonial, religious, art, social gathering shows, heritage folklore, traditional folk evenings. awareness shows, theme parties, charitable shows etc.

Personal Events

The famous personal events include wedding ceremonies, birthday ceremonies, marriage anniversaries, annual picnics and other occasional functions.

Corporate Events

Sampoorna Solutions is planning and organizing the corporate events, road shows, product launch shows, trade biz shows, events foe various multinational companies and foreign banks, theme party shows, managing business shows,conferences, national and international seminars, B2B shows, B2C shows, training programs, leisure & adventure off site, dealer meets, incentive tours,executive meetings Annual Day Celebration ,Award Ceremonies Celebrity shows, Millennium Parties and Annual Bashes.